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03/23/2020 signed the act "Development of design documentation for the section of automation" Arrangement of Pereschepinsk GKR. Reconstruction of the automated process control system of the Bogatoyskogo UKPG »
Automated process control system of Bagatoysky UKPG

The subject of the contract : development of design documentation of the section of automation "Arrangement of Pereschepinsky GKR. Reconstruction of the automated control system of the technological process of the Bogatoyskogo UKPG ”(outside the settlements on the territory of the administrative subordination of the Rich village council of the Novomoskovsk district of Dnipropetrovsk region).

Customer : SEE “Shebelinkazagobydobuvannya” JSC

Composition of completed works :

The project envisages the reconstruction of the existing automated control system according to the Customer Specifications. The automation system of Wealthy UKPG, developed by LLC “UA-SYSTEMS”, is intended to provide continuous automatic and manual control over the condition of objects and equipment, protection, signaling, regulation and control of technological processes of UCPG.

    The project decisions, agreed with the customer, provide for the following works:

  • replacement of the outdated process control system with a modern one based on the Siemens S7-1500 industrial controller;

  • replacement of obsolete instrumentation, actuators, junction boxes;

  • replacement (acquisition) of cable-conduction products (control and power cables),

  • installation of mass flowmeters (for metering of liquid hydrocarbons (gas condensate, associated SPV reservoir water, oil) at the stage of preparation and at the stage of dispatch for the possibility of accounting for prepared products); .

  • installation of WG-ONT flowmeter for technological gas metering for each well separately;

  • accounting for fuel gas of torch ignition;

  • data transmission from all gas metering units and liquid hydrocarbons is envisaged to the Shebelinkazvydobuvannya GPU for the possibility of interviewing metering units and forming a balance on the basis of the ASK-2 software complex within one UKPG.

The automation system, in accordance with the design documentation and the design task, covers almost all the technological sites of the Bogatyi UKHPG, namely the technological sites: the well entry site; installation of NTS; pumping inhibitor site; gas and condensate measurement unit; coolant heating unit, Titanium heater, gas heating unit; GDS; condensate storage, condensate pumping; methanol economy and others.

Expert evaluation was obtained on the developed project documentation.

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