Automated control system of technological processes of underground gas storage system

UA Systems have experience in building automated process control systems for underground gas storage of ACS TPP UGS. For Glibovsk UGS, Chornomornaftogaz (Ukraine) and Bozoi UGS Intergas Ctntral Asia Republic of Kazakhstan) UA-Systems have developed and built " Distributed Integrated Information Management Complex for RIUK UGS Underground Gas Storage ".

The system includes the following systems:

1. Automated control systems:

  • automated control system for the compressor shop,

  • ACS GMC (system of automatic control of gas engine),

  • automatic control system of turbo-expander refrigeration unit,

  • systems for automatic control of gas air coolers,

  • systems for automatic control of water cooling devices,

  • automatic circulation pump control system.

2. System for early detection of emergencies

3. Automatic fire extinguishing system.

4. System for accounting and control of natural gas parameters at gas wells

5. The system of accounting and control of gas parameters on the experimental collectors.

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