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 Drilling of the UGB-1VS well
Construction of wells for drinking water

UA-Systems performs a full range of construction works for drinking water wells.

Drinking water well construction is performed accordingly:

The work includes:

  • drawing up a geological task and contract;

  • drawing up a project for construction of a water well (if necessary);

  • support of the project with all necessary permits and approval documents (if necessary);

  • well drilling for water;

  • geophysical studies of the well to determine the filter installation interval (if necessary);

  • equipment of a well with a conductor and technical columns (if necessary);

  • trumpet cementing (if necessary);

  • wells of the filter column;

  • gravel shattering of filters;

  • borehole swabbing (if necessary);

  • flushing the well with clean water;

  • well equipment with a lifting pump;

  • land reclamation after drilling;

  • organization of zones of sanitary protection.

Drilling and equipment of the production well is carried out in accordance with the project, the requirements of the geological task, the tasks assigned by the Customer on the quantity and quality of water extracted, the depth of occurrence of the prospective aquifer horizon drilling rigs МГБУ-100, УГБ-1ВС, УРБ-3АМ, 1БА. Depths of production wells from 20 to 850m. The diameter of the filter column is 89-168mm.

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