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Geological, technological and gas hydrodynamic studies
Газогідродінамічні дослідження свердловин

Gas-hydrodynamic studies of exploration and production wells in natural gas production


  UA-Systems performs gas-hydrodynamic studies under steady-state and non-steady-state filtration to study processes that flow continuously in the reservoir and wellbore during gas production.

  Under steady-state filtration, measurements of flow, discharge, downhole and reservoir pressure and temperature are performed gradually, increasing the flow rate and then reducing it. As a result of measurements and their analytical processing, the permeability and porosity of the reservoir, the characteristics of the bottomhole zone, the degree and nature of autopsy, the skin effect are calculated.

  Investigations in the conditions of the unsteady filtration mode are performed by measuring the values ​​of the pressure recovery after the stop of the well, or the pressure drop from the beginning of its start. The results of analytical processing allow to obtain the characteristics of the entire well drainage area.

 All measurements are performed by a mobile gas hydrodynamic installation using a multiphase flowmeter WG-ONT and a separator. Observing the results of the release of solid particles and liquids from the gas, and their accumulation in conditions of variable flow rate, the depression of the beginning of fracture formation and the flow of water into the well is determined. The maximum permissible depression is thus determined.

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