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Modeling of hydrogeological processes

Processing Modflow is a specialized tool used by hydrogeologists around the world, including UA-Systems experts , to create detailed groundwater flow models to display complex hydrodynamic and hydrochemical information in a more accessible form.

Processing Modflow offers a wide range of functions and includes many components, each of which is designed to perform certain operations. The application allows you to use models created using numerous three-dimensional versions of MODFLOW , including MODFLOW-96, MODFLOW-2000, MODFLOW-2005 and MODFLOW-NWT. Modflow processing includes a wide range of simulation files and packages designed to solve a variety of problems. These include MT3DMS, SEAWAT, RT3D, PHT3D and PEST.

  • MT3DMS is a modular three-dimensional transport model used to model advection, dispersion and chemical reactions.

  • SEAWAT is a program for modeling of three-dimensional variable groundwater flow.

  • RT3D is a transport model based on MT3DMS that helps to simulate different scenarios.

  • The PHT3D is a multi-component transport model for three-dimensional jet flow in saturated porous media. PHT3D is a combination of MT3DMS and PHREEQC-2. The PHREEQC component allows the simulation of various low temperature aqueous geochemical reactions.

  • PEST is a package designed for parameter estimation and uncertainty analysis in computer models, allowing model calibration.

UA-Systems actively uses modeling of hydrogeological processes using Modflow to calculate groundwater reserves, predict the flow of ash dumps and tailings ponds, calculate water depletion and filter curtains.

 Modeling of hydrogeological processes with Processing Modflow
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