Hydrogeological monitoring, creation of a system of drainage structures and drainage, a network of observation hydrogeological wells in the areas of development of hydrocarbon fields, mine fields, quarries, tailings and ash dump

The work includes:

  • preparation of design estimates and approval with the customer;

  • examination of the project;

  • drilling of hydrogeological wells;

  • carrying out pilot and trial pumping and filling;

  • groundwater sampling for laboratory testing;

  • conducting regime observations and studying the hydrological regime of groundwater;

  • building a 3D hydrogeological model on the Modflow platform, developing hydrodynamic scenarios, forecasting the consequences of technological measures;  

  • development of a plan of technological measures, preparation of a report;

  • hydrogeological-environmental monitoring;

  • creation of a system of drainage structures and drainage;

  • creation of an anti-filtration veil.

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