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02/03/2020 Design of "First-stage reconstruction of Chervonodonsk DCS" is completed
 Structural scheme of ASC of Chervonodonets DCS first stage

Subject of the contract: development of the following sections of the project documentation for the object "Reconstruction of the first stage of gas compression of the Chervonodonetsk compressor compressor station Kharkiv region, Balakliysky district, p. Glazunovka »:

- fire protection systems,

- systems for early detection of emergencies,

- access control and video surveillance systems,

- section of civil engineering engineering measures;

- TK for the creation of ACS TP,

- automation is complex.

Customer: General Designer of IK «OIL & GAS TECHNOLOGIES» LLC for SEE «Shebelinkazvydobuvannya».

Class of consequences (liability) of the object: CC3.

Design stages in accordance with DBN A.2.2-3: 2014 “Composition and content of design documentation for construction”: Project stage (P) and Work documentation stage (P).

Date of signing the act of completed works: complex automation - December 19, 2019,

fire protection systems - 03/02/2020

Composition of completed works:

In 2019-2020. LLC "UA-SYSTEMS" has completed a set of works on the development of sections of project documentation for the object "Reconstruction of the first stage of gas compression of the Chervonodonetsk Compressor Compressor Station Kharkiv region, Balakliysky district, p. Glazunovka ».

The developed section “Fire protection systems” contains the following systems: fire alarm system, automatic gas fire extinguishing system, fire alarm and evacuation control system, alarm notification system on the centralized control panel.

The "Early Emergency Detection Systems" section is intended to identify the primary signs of an emergency (concentrations of explosive substances and mixtures in the air, the level of explosives in tanks, explosive pressure, etc.) and to alert personnel of an emergency.

Section "Access control system": developed by the ACSM is intended for realization of the managed passage of employees and visitors of the object according to a pre-compiled algorithm integrated with the existing one on the ACS object.

Section "CCTV System": The developed CCTV system is designed to carry out round-the-clock visual monitoring of the entire territory of the facility and the surrounding area in order to detect unauthorized penetration and permanent video capture and storage of video footage.

The section "Engineering and technical measures of civil protection" contains a set of organizational and technical measures aimed at ensuring the protection of territories, production personnel and the population from the dangers that arise in the conduct of hostilities or sabotage, preventing emergencies of anthropogenic and natural nature, reducing the magnitude of their consequences. For the purpose of qualitative development of the section of the ITZ CC, a task was formulated in the form of Annex B of DSTU 8773: 2018 “Composition and content of the section of the ITZ CC in the structure of project documentation for construction of facilities”.

Developed in the section "Automated control system of the first stage of compression of the gas of the Chervonodonsky compressor compressor station" ASK TP is designed to solve the problems of continuous automatic control of the state of objects and equipment, protection, signaling and control of technological processes of the compressor station (KS). Automated control implements the following functions:

  • collection and initial processing of signals from process parameter converters;

  • control of signals of control-measuring devices (KVP) for admissibility of values, check of serviceability of KVP and communication lines;

  • registration of start-up time and shutdown of the equipment, accounting of the number of inclusions and failures and time of its operation;

  • registration of operator's actions;

  • constant (continuous display on automated workplace monitors (ARMs) and operator panels of technological parameters of work of objects in the form of scaled graphs (trends) with the possibility of their printing on the printer;

  • displaying alarms and alarms in different colors and alarms on the monitors and panels of the operator of the operator;

  • signaling the output of technological parameters from the sensors for the established normal values and malfunctions of their measuring circles;

  • keeping an archive of technological parameters of work, emergency states, with the possibility of viewing them on the operator's panels and ARM;

  • Displays the status of the discrete sensors as a text message about the event on the ARM monitors and operator panels, with the current time of event occurrence.

  • automatic control of basic and auxiliary equipment according to the set technological mode;

  • control of the actual technical condition and reliability of the basic and auxiliary equipment of the COP;

  • emergency protection of technological equipment in all modes of its operation;

  • automatic control of technological parameters of the COP;

  • remote control of technological equipment at the command of the operator;

  • provision of information interaction of the CU subsystems;

  • control, registration and display of all kinds of operative and retrospective information from the COP.

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