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Latch control cabinet
Шафа управління засувками UA-Systems
Шафа управління засувками UA-Systems
Шафа управління засувками UA-Systems


The shutter control cabinet (SHU) is intended for realization of functions of opening, closing, control of a status, protection of latches and valves operated by electric drives in local and remote control modes.

SHUZ is used as a part of water supply, fire extinguishing, heating and ventilation systems for automatic and manual control of single-phase and three-phase actuators of valves.

SHUZ is a unified complete set and is suitable for controlling shut-off and regulating valves.

SHUZ provides control of 1 to 5 valves, depending on the power of the actuator motors.


SHU performs the following functions:

  1. protection of the electric motor of actuators of valves and valves from short circuits, current overloads;

  2. choice of operating mode SHUZ: "manual" - local control is performed with the buttons "Open", "Close", "Stop" on the front panel of the cabinet; "Remote" - is provided according to a combination of control signals; "Disconnected" - the control is locked, the contactors of actuators / actuators of latches are de-energized;

  3. indication of system operation ("Voltage", "Open", "Closed", "Accident", "jammed" "Work in aut / manual modes") on the front panel and possibility of generating signals for transmission to the control point ("dry contacts" ), position control of limit switches;

  4. automatic selection of backup power input (for option with two power inputs);

  5. control of the presence of power supply at the input (s) of the network.

The basis of the SHU algorithm is the relay control logic, which provides the necessary functionality. Control of the motors of the valves is performed through a magnetic contactor. It is possible to operate using the RS-485, RS-232 interface via MODBUS protocol. Status indicators and controls are located on the front of the SHU. Depending on the direction of cable entry in the base or roof of the enclosure, or cable entries are provided for connecting external circuits.

To be used in conjunction with SHUs, valves must be equipped with:

• Actuator (actuator);

• limit switches open, closed.

In the presence of contacts signaling overload ("jammed") or overheating, they can be included in the circuit of the power supply to the motor of the actuator.

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