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RG-ONT gas flowmeter

    RG-ONT gas flow meters (hereinafter referred to as gas meters) measure flow by the differential pressure method and are built on the basis of averaging Pitot tube. The design of the gas meters is made in a single block manner intended for installation directly on the pipeline.


This gas meters are intended for:

  • measuring of the time and duration of pauses in flow and volume measuring;

  • measuring of the absolute pressure and the temperature of a fluid flowing through a measuring pipeline;

  • measuring of the flow rate and volume of air or natural gas (hereinafter referred to as gas) or technological measurement with an unspecified error of the flow rate and volume of gas phase of a product of gas- or gas condensate wells at measurement conditions and converted to base conditions, that flows through one pipeline in the forward and reverse directions;

  • formation of measurement results-, operator interventions- and emergency messages archives and their representation at the indicating device, as well as transfer of archive information to the automated system.

NOTE  Technological measurements of the flow rate and volume of gas phase of the product of gas- and gas condensate wells and error estimation of such measurements are carried out according to specially developed procedures, the application and testing of which is a subject of agreement between the product supplier and the consumer.

РГ-ОНТ 400

    Gas meters can be used for metering gas as a part of metering systems at production wells of fields and underground gas storages, industrial facilities and gas transmission system facilities, including in the absence of power supply.


    The gas meters comply with the OIML R 137-1-2 requirements and include an integrated type 1 gas volume conversion device (complete system) that meet the EN 12405-1 requirements. 


    By method of power supply, gas meters are produced in two versions:

  • version 01 – with power supply from built-in lithium battery;

  • version 02 – powered from AC or DC network with voltage of 187 V to 242 V or DC network with voltage of 10.2 V to 13.2 V.


    The gas meters are Group II electrical equipment for use in places with an explosive gas atmosphere, with protection type "intrinsically safe circuit" and comply with the requirements of EN 60079-0, EN 60079-11. The equipment protection level of the gas meter is "Gb". The level of protection of intrinsically safe circuits is "ib".


    Gas meters are available in nominal sizes DN 50, DN 65, DN 80, DN 100, DN 125 and DN 150 according to ISO 6708.


    Gas meters are available with designation PN 25, PN 63, PN 160 and PN 400 according to EN 1333.

Опросний лист


Настанова з експлуатації

АБАТ.406239.001 НЕ



АБАТ.406239.001 ПС


Настанова з експлуатації

АБАТ.426431.008 НЕ


Настанова з експлуатації

АБАТ.426477.005 НЕ


Настанова з експлуатації

АБАТ.426477.006 НЕ

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2012р. Відгук про роботу автоматизованих вузлів обліку природнього газу на базі витратомірів-лічильників газу РГ-ОНТ

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Установка витратомірів-лічильників газу РГ-ОНТ на шлейфах свердловин

Установка витратомірів-лічильників газу РГ-ОНТ на шлейфах свердловин

Калібровка РГ-ОНТ на стенді УА-Системи

Калібровка витратомірів-лічильників газу РГ-ОНТ в лабораторії UA-Systems

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